Asociación Salteña de Profesores de Inglés

About Us

How and when did it all start? On 11/14/70 when twenty-three teachers of English from different states of Argentina convened in Cordoba summoned by the Asociacion Cordobesa de Profesores de Ingles to propose the creation of a national umbrella organization to group all of the then existing Asociaciones de Profesores de Ingles and those to be organized in the future. No wonder it all started in Cordoba, the seat of Escuela Superior de Lenguas de la Universidad de Cordoba whose teachers and graduates have had an active role in spreading the dream of EFLT professionalization.

Teachers all over the country received the invitation to start their own local Association and because of that, Noemi Sayus de de la Arena, a graduate from Cordoba National University residing in Salta, contacted the graduate teachers of English of Salta in 1971. At that time only seven- Miguel Kortzars, Oriel Villagarcia, Graciela Peretti, Ana Elisa Triboli Pisi, Norma Boetsch de Moraga, Raquel Boden de Arias y Cinthia Visich answered the summons, organized themselves into the Asociacion Saltena de Profesores de Ingles and started to work to forward the profession. It was not difficult at the time since UCASAL had just started their teacher training college and soon there were new graduates to join in besides the ones who graduated in other provinces and eventually came to live in Salta.

Years of commitment have helped us strengthen our bonds and the conviction that what we are doing is worthwhile.